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From idea to production drawing.

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Do you have an idea that you want to turn into a manufacturable and financially viable product? Product development agency Artori has the right expertise and technological know-how to develop successful products for both start-ups and established companies. Large production volumes or small runs: we do not shy away from any challenge.

A cost-effective approach by starting at the beginning.

Starting at the beginning is our motto, and this is where our approach differs from other product development agencies. First, we check whether your future product is feasible at all. Then, we get to work on the design. This way, we avoid that you lose valuable time and money. After all, what good is a beautiful design if it is not feasible or too expensive?

Find out how we work in the product development process:

Artori - product scan

Product scan

How are we going to make it?

During the product scan, we first map out your product's technical and economic requirements to find out whether your product is manufacturable and financially viable. After hearing from you what you want to achieve with your product and which is your potential market, we will consider how we will build the product, which is the most suitable production method and which materials should be considered.

The outcome of this scan translates into a detailed report with a cost estimate of the various components and a summary of the next steps. This report forms a solid basis for deciding whether or not you will launch your product on the market and for possibly looking for potential production partners and investors.

A thorough product scan therefore not only saves you a lot of time and costs, but also leads to a realistic design based on the chosen technology.

The product scan in practice:

Via an intake session, we work out together what you want to achieve with your product and examine every aspect of it critically:
  • use and conditions of use
  • potential market
  • specific technical requirements
  • ...
We prioritise all the requirements in a design brief that serves as guide during the further design process.
The Artori Team examines how to develop the product best and outlines the various options. We select the best concepts and rank them according to the degree they meet the prioritised requirements.

Our team searches for the most suitable production method and materials. In this way, we determine the possible direction and propose an optimal material-technology combination.

We turn the best solution into a rudimentary 3D drawing that enables us to work out the prices of both the piece and the mould.
We provide you with a full report that serves as a basis for making decisions about the feasibility of the project and which also serves as seed-bed for the product design phase. This report contains:
  • a projection of the different parts of the product and the associated moulds
  • an overview with the next steps
Artori product design

Product design

Creative design based on technological and budgetary feasibility

In the product design phase, the focus is on designing based on the chosen technology. A good technical basis is essential for designing a beautiful product. A creative but realistic design also increases the chances of success.

This undoubtedly means "kill your darlings", but is not necessarily a limitation of the designer. A great designer excels with a beautiful design based on budgetary and technological feasibility while responding to the latest trends and understanding the person for whom the product is made.

You can contact Artori for:

  • rough sketches
  • shape studies
  • renderings
  • exploded views
  • visualisation for marketing purposes and internal presentations
  • visualisation for manuals and work instructions
Artori - engineering


It's all in the details

In the engineering phase, we make a technical drawing of your product with an eye for the smallest detail. The result is a technically 100% accurate drawing that allows you to actually manufacture your product.

Thanks to our design based on the chosen technology and our expertise in production techniques, we know exactly what to take into account and how the product can be realised for your market. This explains why 98% of our designs go into production. 

You can also contact us for:

  • complex 3D surfacing
  • reverse engineering

Do you want to turn an idea into a manufacturable and financially viable product? 

Through a creative design based on the chosen technology, we realise your success story.

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