Great ideas start here

“Every valuable idea has to see the light of day. Even the great ideas, small in production volume.”

The guarantee for success? Starting from the beginning. That’s where every success story starts.

And that is where we, the product architects of Artori, start to make yours. From idea to reality. A grand approach down to the smallest detail.


Test Jigs –
Televic Rail

All electronic components are tested at Televic Rail before they are installed. In order for these tests to run smoothly and representatively, a test set-up is required in which the components are clicked in in a simple manner. In this way, every part is subjected to the same test.

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Test Jigs - Televic Rail


Charger case –

The charger was designed to be manufactured from plastic sheet material, the ideal production method for their then annual circulation of +/-50 units. Increasing the volumes triggered Artori to rethink the production process.

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Charger case - Rightcrowd


Production plans Ink & Play – Wildspirit

To further refine production, Artori drew up detailed production plans (2D / 3D).

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Productieplans Ink & Play series Wildspirit


Conference unit – Televic Conference

Artori was asked to offer a plastic alternative for an existing metal housing. The customer demanded that the total cost for this plastic solution (unit price + mould investment) would be lower than that for the original metal housing.

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Conference unit - Televic Conference

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