Artori - Tortu container set
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Tortu food container

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Tortu: a sustainable alternative to disposable packaging in the take-away industry.

Beologic, producer of sustainable and innovative thermoplastics, approached Artori to develop a food container for the catering / takeaway market. In a sector where disposable packaging is commonplace, Beologic proposed a sustainable solution, with the following requirements:

  • affordable
  • portable
  • stackable
  • reusable
  • washable
  • microwave safe

Find out below how Artori met this challenge.

Artori - Tortu container set

Reusable, washable, microwave safe and durable

During the development of the Tortu container set, we were inspired by the Asian Tiffin boxes and we started working with Beobase compounds.

These plastics are created by adding bio-based fibers to a fossil polymer or by replacing fossil polymers with bio-based polymers.

Tortu food container

Affordable and recyclable

Through thoughtful design and engineering, we developed a leak-proof container without a sealing ring.

This means that only 1 type of material is needed for the container, which reduces costs and the container is also recyclable.

Stackable and portable

Another plus of the design is the maximum stackability. A handle that can be unscrewed allows it to be used on the individual containers or on top of a stacked container set.

Not only stackable, but also convenient to carry.

Tortu food container