Artori-Design sprint: van idee naar prototype

Product innovation

From challenge to validated prototype in just 4 days.

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Do you need support to keep your product innovation on track or do you want to accelerate your innovation journey? With a design sprint, Artori boosts your innovation funnel and provides a framework for screening and testing innovative ideas for feasibility.

In just 4 days, we will work with you and our team of experts through this innovation programme to find unique solutions to complex challenges. 

The end goal is a validated prototype that we test with your potential customers to find out what they think of your next product.

4 Reasons for a design sprint

  1. Accelerates the innovation process 
  2. Delivers unique solutions
  3. Puts your customer first (feedback on the prototype)
  4. Is efficient: from challenge to solution in just 4 days
Artori - Product innovatie

What will we do during this design sprint?

Day 1 - Map & sketch 

  • Analysis of your project's challenges 
  • Assessing what's on the market 
  • Sketching

Day 2 - Decide & storyboard 

  • Discussion of the sketches 
  • Creation of the storyboard detailing how we will test the prototype

Day 3: Design & prototype 

  • Conversion of the storyboard into a prototype/design according to the ‘fake it’ principle 
  • Preparation of the customer test

Day 4: Interview & document 

  • Interviewing the customers 
  • Monitoring their reactions to the prototype/design

Are you looking for a partner to support your innovation process? 

With a design sprint, Artori transforms your challenge into a validated prototype in as little as 4 days.

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