Artori- Eva Jane waterverzachter
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Eva Jane water softener

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The assignment: a family of modular and customizable water softeners

At Artori, (cost) efficiency is paramount and this is again proven with the development of the Eva Jane water softener.

This assignment started from a strategic approach: the development of a large family of water softeners, based on 3 heights of salt tanks. Different valves must be able to be integrated on the 3 tank heights and they must be provided with different covers and displays.

Our approach: one mould for different versions

During the brainstorming session, we looked at the possibility of actively using the dividing line of the mould in the design, with the result that the top part of the tank can be exchanged in the mould.

This ensures different variants and personalizability.

Artori - Eva Jane waterverzachter

Numerous versions, also for limited editions

By using a number of fixed and interchangeable parts, a range of different versions in different colors can be built with the basic moulds.

The interchangeability of certain mould parts also means that high-pressure injection moulding can be used for variations with production in more limited editions.

Artori-Eva Jane waterverzachter