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DEVAPLUS designs and develops premium solutions to recover rainwater and keep it clean for toilet, washing machine, garden and cleaning. The East Flemish company approached Artori to provide one of their patented rainwater filters, the DEVAFILTER, with a flat flow-through so that the efficiency could be increased.

The assignment: a higher return

The original filter had a round flow-through with filter mesh, whereby rainwater enters through the inlet and falls through the stainless steel meshes of the filter into the well. During a heavy rain shower or when the water well overflows, the dirt that remains in the filter is washed away.

In order to increase efficiency, a request was made to develop a version with a flat flow-through.

The challenge: a simple mould concept

The challenge lay in the mould concept, in which the round connections had to be preserved and the center piece had to be flat. Artori chose to build the new DEVAFILTER from 2 mirrorable halves, which resulted in a simplified mould.

During assembly, the filter material can be clicked between the 2 halves, so that no gluing is required.