at the beginning.

That is our motto and the guarantee for your success. In a 5 step product development process, we turn your idea into a manufacturable and financially feasible product that meets your needs and those of the end user.

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We accompany you step by step in this process: we validate your idea, advise you in the design, clarify the impact of each choice on the cost price and provide production support with specialised partners if desired.

Product development in 5 steps:

  • Design sprint

    Validation of your idea in 4 days

  • Product scan

    Selection of the appropriate production technology(ies) with an investment overview

  • Product design

    Creative and realistic design based on the chosen technology

  • Engineering

    A technically 100% conclusive drawing as blueprint for your product

  • Production

    Qualitative production support with specialised partners

01 Design sprint.

In just 4 days, we define your product together and test a prototype with your target group. In this way, we get to know how your customers will react to the product before investing time and costs in its development.

Preparatory intake

During a preparatory intake, we are all ears. We take a closer look at the challenges with regard to your future product and put together the right team to steer the design sprint in the right direction.

Sprint week

On day 1, we set the outlines for the sprint week:
  • Determine a long-term goal
  • Define the challenges
  • Select a manageable part of the definition of the problem
  • Assess the existing ideas
  • Get started with sketches
On day 2, we decide what we are going to test:
  • Presentation of the sketches to the sprint team
  • Together we make a selection together
  • Creation of a storyboard based on the selected sketches

On day 3, we convert the storyboard into a prototype / design in accordance with the fake it principle and prepare the customer test for the next day. Because of the approach from the customer perspective, the prototype can be realised in 1 day.

This day marks the end of the design sprint. From the customer test, we learn what the next steps in product development will be.
  • We interview the customers you have selected
  • We monitor their reactions to the prototype / design


Process, report & delivery

We process the feedback from the test users and formulate the next steps in a clear report which we personally explain.


02 Product scan.

What do you want to achieve with your product? How should your product be built? Which production method is the most suitable and which materials can be used?

In this phase we map out the technical and economic requirements to convert your idea into a manufacturable product

Via an intake session, we work out together what you want to achieve with your product and examine every aspect of it critically:
  • use and conditions of use
  • potential market
  • specific technical requirements
  • ...
We prioritise all the requirements in a design brief that serves as guide during the further design process.
The Artori Team examines how to develop the product best and outlines the various options. We rank the concepts according to the degree they meet the prioritised requirements.

Our team selects the best concepts from the product brainstorming session and searches for the most suitable production method and materials.

In this way, we determine the possible direction and propose an optimal material-technology combination.

We turn the best solution into a rudimentary 3D prototype that enables us to work out the prices of both the piece and the mould.
We provide you with a full report that serves as a basis for making decisions about the feasibility of the project and which also serves as seed-bed for the product design phase. This report contains:
  • a projection of the different parts of the product and the associated moulds
  • an overview with the next steps
Artori - Product scan

03 Product design.

Here, the design is central, and based on the chosen technology. A good technical basis is essential for designing a beautiful product. A creative but realistic design also increases the chance of success.

This undoubtedly means “kill your darlings”, but is not necessarily a restriction on the designer. A great designer excels with a beautiful design in terms of budgetary and technological feasibility and at the same time responds to the latest trends.

You can contact us for:

  • rough sketches
  • shape
  • renderings
  • exploded views
  • visualisation for marketing purposes and for internal presentations
  • visualisation for manuals and work instructions
Artori - Product design

04 Engineering

We draw your product technically with an eye for the smallest detail. The result is a technically 100% conclusive drawing with which your product can also effectively be made.

You can reach out to us for:

  • complex 3D surfacing
  • reverse engineering
Artori engineering

05 Production

In the final phase of the product development process, we offer high-quality production support with 100% dedication. We support you or your production partners or we engage our own partners for the delivery of an assembled product or individual parts.

The advantages of entrusting your production to Artori?

  • An extensive network of dedicated partners, each specialising in a different technology.
  • You do not have to lose time looking for a suitable producer and monitoring often complex production processes.
  • We handle communication and monitor deadlines and quality requirements.
  • We supply you with a high-quality product without worries.

We offer the following technologies via our experienced production partners:

Artori - productie