Creative with realistic product design

We are firmly convinced that it is best to start from a good technical basis, to develop a beautiful product from there.

By starting from a creative yet realistic design, you increase the chances of success.

Does this mean ‘kill your darlings’? Undoubtedly. A limitation of the designer? Not necessarily. For a grand designer makes a design in function of what is budgetary and technologically feasible. He or she makes it a point of honour to excel within that context with a beautiful design. For within the framework of the technology that was chosen in the first step, there are still quite a few possibilities and you can continue to respond to the latest trends.

Every step you take, every choice you make in a product design, determines the production cost and end price of that product. It is our job to guide you step by step and to advise you in the design. We immediately clarify the impact of every choice on the cost for you.


You can call on us for:

  • Rough sketches;
  • Form studies;
  • Renderings;
  • Exploded views;
  • Visualisation for marketing purposes and internal presentations;
  • Visualisation for manuals and work instructions.

What’s your idea?

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