A good start saves time

Starting from the beginning. It sounds logical, but still it is a step that is skipped often. Why is this so important? By listening carefully to what you have in mind and mapping the technical/economic requirements, we can suggest the optimal material-technology combination for your project. 

Material and technological advice

First of all, we map the technological requirements of your product. Then the economic requirements are considered. Which investment did you have in mind, how many pieces per year do you want to have made, and so on?

With these results in hand, we can determine the possible direction and we propose an optimal material-technology combination.

This step forms the solid foundation of our approach. Before we even begin designing, we already know perfectly what your expectations are and how we can meet them. 

technologiekeuze The choice of technology depends, among other things, of the number of pieces.

The benefits?

  • realisable product: we eventually deliver a product that you can sell for a justified price.
  • Less frustrations: no dream that is constantly weakened because it is too expensive or technically not feasible. But a realistic product that you can immediately place on the market!
  • By the shortened turnaround time, we arrive more quickly at a realisable product.
  • In the end, you reduce costs: the preliminary study pays for itself because expensive yet unfeasible designs are avoided.

What’s your idea?

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